Advisory Board

The Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority Advisory Board was established pursuant to Massachusetts General Law (MGL), Chapter 161B Section 5. The Advisory Board Membership is comprised of 15 Town Managers (or their designee) representing the Cape Cod Towns of: Barnstable, Bourne, Brewster, Chatham, Dennis, Eastham, Falmouth, Harwich, Mashpee, Orleans, Provincetown, Sandwich, Truro, Wellfleet and Yarmouth. The Statute further specifies the appointment of one member of the “Disabled Commuter” population and one member of the “Rider Community” population. Each Town has one vote on the Advisory Board plus additional votes and fractions thereof determined by a statutory formula defined under Section 5 and detailed below in this document. The “Disabled Commuter” population and “Rider Community” population appointments each have one vote as Advisory Board Members. Pursuant to Chapter 161B, Section 6, By-Laws were established to further articulate the powers of the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority Advisory Board and its officers. The Advisory Board acts by a majority vote of its members.

    The Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority Advisory Board has three primary statutory responsibilities: 

        • The approval of any change in ridership fares;
        • The approval of substantial changes in mass transportation service within the area of the Authority; and
        • The review and approval of the CCRTA annual budget.

In addition to its statutory responsibilities, the Advisory Board Members provide invaluable insight and suggestions to the CCRTA on a number of important transportation fronts impacting the Cape Cod region.


        • Barnstable - Mark Ells, Town Manager
        • Bourne – George Slade, Vice Chairman & Bourne Selectman
        • Brewster - Peter Lombardi, Town Administrator
        • Chatham - Jill Goldsmith, Town Manager
        • Dennis - Brenda Vazquez, Council on Aging Director
        • Eastham - Roslyn Diamond
        • Falmouth - Sam Patterson, Falmouth Board of Selectmen
        • Harwich - Griffin Ryder, Town Engineer
        • Mashpee - Wayne Taylor, Assistant Town Manager
        • Orleans – Judi Wilson, Council on Aging Director
        • Provincetown - Erin Ellis, Provincetown Project Administrator
        • Sandwich - George Dunham, Town Manager
        • Truro - Rae Ann Palmer, Town Administrator
        • Wellfleet - Suzanne Grout Thomas, Council on Aging Director
        • Yarmouth - Robert C. Lawton, Jr., Chairman & Town Administrator (Retired)
        • Disabled Commuter Rep. - Dorothy Voelker, Disability Commission
        • Rider Community Rep. - Vacant


      The Advisory Board By-Laws provides for the establishment of an Executive Committee comprised of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Clerk, and such other members of the Advisory Board as are from time to time elected by the Advisory Board. The Executive Committee shall have the power to act on all matters requiring prompt action between Advisory Board meetings, except as otherwise provided in MGL Chapter 161B. The Executive Committee convenes on a regular basis to hear reports of the Administrator and to act on various RTA matters within their jurisdiction. All actions of the Executive Committee are reported to the full Advisory Board at its next regularly scheduled Board meeting. In addition, the Executive Committee recommends the annual goals of the Authority to the Advisory Board that may include budget, ridership, personnel, fare and service. The present members of the Executive Committee are as follows:

        • Robert C. Lawton, Jr., Chairman of CCRTA Board, Town Administrator (Retired)
        • George Slade, Vice Chairman of CCRTA Board, Bourne Selectman
        • Sandwich - George Dunham, Clerk of CCRTA Board, Town Manager of Sandwich
        • Barnstable - Mark Ells, Town Manager of Barnstable


      In addition to the Executive Committee, other Advisory Board Standing Committees include the following: Budget, Personnel and Fare and Service. Each Committee consists of three members selected from the Advisory Board membership. Report updates from members of the Standing Committees are presented to the full Advisory Board at the regularly scheduled Board meetings.


      The Advisory Board meets approximately six times each year to review CCRTA’s operations, priorities and accomplishments as well as to discuss transportation issues impacting the Cape Cod Region. Generally, Advisory Board meetings are held at 9 a.m. on the third Wednesday of the scheduled month at the Hyannis Transportation Center Conference Room, 215 Iyannough Road, Hyannis. In accordance with the open meeting law, public notice is provided in advance of the Advisory Board meeting and the date, time and agenda for the meeting is posted on the CCRTA website. Minutes of the Advisory Board meetings can be found on the CCRTA website once they have been approved by the Advisory Board. The approved Minutes for the previous six Advisory Board meetings are provided in the links below. Requests for Minutes from earlier Advisory Board meetings are readily available upon request of the CCRTA. Here is a link to the CCRTA Briefing Book.



      The Local Assessment formula used by the CCRTA to assess member Towns for Fixed Route and Demand Response transportation is based substantially on three sections included under MGL Chapter 161b, which includes a definition of Net Cost of Service; the Local Assessment calculation under section 9A; and the State share for Contract Assistance under section 23. The Advisory Board performs its requirements under Chapter 161B and By-Laws by majority vote. The total amount of votes and corresponding voting percentage for each Town is determined by a statutory formula, which includes Local Assessments as a major component of the weighted vote calculation. The Local Assessment amounts and Weighted Votes/Percentages by Town for fiscal year 2021 and fiscal year 2022 are provided below:

      BARNSTABLE $623,542 7.84 19.84%
      BOURNE $140,051 2.54 6.42%
      BREWSTER $55,244 1.61 4.06%
      CHATHAM $18,735 1.21 3.05%
      DENNIS $110,825 2.21 5.61%
      EASTHAM $55,197 1.61 4.06%
      FALMOUTH $197,579 3.17 8.02%
      HARWICH $110,685 2.21 5.60%
      MASHPEE $112,327 2.23 5.65%
      ORLEANS $91,823 2.01 5.08%
      PROVINCETOWN $110,438 2.21 5.60%
      SANDWICH $149,552 2.64 6.68%
      TRURO $55,233 1.61 4.06%
      WELLFLEET $55,340 1.61 4.07%
      YARMOUTH $165,846 2.82 7.13%
      DISABLED COMMUTER REP. $0 1 2.53%
      RIDER COMMUNITY REP. $0 1 2.53%
      TOTAL $2,052,417 39.5 100%

      BARNSTABLE $608,332 7.97 20.18%
      BOURNE $97,611 2.12 5.36%
      BREWSTER $53,898 1.62 4.10%
      CHATHAM $18,278 1.21 3.06%
      DENNIS $108,122 2.24 5.67%
      EASTHAM $53,851 1.62 4.09%
      FALMOUTH $192,760 3.21 8.12%
      HARWICH $107,986 2.24 5.66%
      MASHPEE $109,587 2.26 5.71%
      ORLEANS $89,583 2.03 5.13%
      PROVINCETOWN 107,774 2.23 5.66%
      SANDWICH $145,904 2.67 6.76%
      TRURO $53,886 1.62 4.10%
      WELLFLEET $53,990 1.62 4.10%
      YARMOUTH $161,802 2.85 7.23%
      DISABLED COMMUTER REP. $0 1 2.53%
      RIDER COMMUNITY REP. $0 1 2.53%
      TOTAL $1,963,334 39.5 100%